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Welcome to Flogent Prostate Support,

    Thank you for purchasing Flogent, your all natural prostate support supplement.  You are on your first steps of helping reduce those tiresome symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate with this product.  Flogent and its powerful natural ingredients has been specially formulated to target those areas of the prostate that cause those annoyances of nighttime urination, weak urine flow, incomplete voiding among other bothersome symptoms.  Our stringent ingredient selection makes Flogent safe and effective when taking the recommended daily dose and results should be evident within a short time of a few weeks.  Of course, everyone is unique and optimal results may take longer according to their body’s metabolism.

     Flogent has been specially formulated for Oasis Herbals, the parent company responsible for introducing Flogent to the market. Our team consists of a team of pharmacists who are aware of the standards involved in health supplements and practice strict guidelines to ensure our products are the most effective for our cliental and their respective health issues.  We here at Oasis Herbals are committed to producing high quality all natural products that not only work, but are safe and effective.  Our products follow strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines to ensure purity and consistent levels of our active all natural ingredients.  Our practice involves regular testing to ensure that Flogent and our other lines of products are meeting their respective optimum potencies.  Flogent is produced and packaged in the USA in a registered FDA facility that requires a certain level of standards and practice.  Not only are we committed to these standards, our ingredients are non-GMO meaning that the natural products used are not genetically modified in way or form.  

     Flogent and its carefully selected ingredients have been chosen to part of a formula because of the vast scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness against the battle of dealing with an enlarged prostate.  During our practices in retail pharmacies we noticed that pharmaceutical drugs may have associated side effects with these remedies.  That is why we incorporated Pygeum Africanum into Flogent.  Clinical studies suggest that is effective in reducing symptoms of an enlarged prostate with little to no side effects.  It has been successfully used for centuries in Europe and Africa to support and aid urinary symptoms associated with prostate issues. The addition of saw palmetto, plant sterol complex, red raspberry in Flogent all have their specific roles in this battle along with other essential vitamins and nutrients vital for optimal prostate support.  Our commitment to our Flogent users is of outmost importance and we look forward to hearing your success stories in the near future.

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